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    Kelly G. Brooks, Founder


"My decision to launch Big Art Gogo evolved from a painting event I used to host for a few friends called "floor painting. 

I call it "DIYWEH", Do It Yourself With Expert Help.

A few friends wanted a big canvas to install at home and asked me if I would help with a color idea they wanted to pursue as a DIY project. They only needed a little guidance with a design, color mixing and techniques !


​We discovered that painting abstract and contemporary art together was not only fun, it democratized the art making experience and introduced more people to the thrill of painting a big canvas. The results were so amazing that many of the paintings were signed and installed the same day! 

Today, our most enthusiastic participants are career professionals and executives 25-60 who have never painted before!"

Kelly Brooks achieved national success in fine art with contemporary landscape painting under the signature K. Gavin Brooks.  She won several museum exhibition awards in her tonal traditional luminist style. Simultaneously, she was leading professional seminars and consulting companies in marketing and digital media strategy and brand messaging.

Kelly earned a Post Graduate Diploma from MIT/Sloan in Business and Professional Certifications in Digital Marketing Strategy from Columbia Business School. 

She has always been business focused combining her entrepreneurship and art making as serious endeavors.


Her unusual combination of business, public speaking and art know-how evolved into coachable art events called Big Art Gogo. She is building the company as a deliverable modern art making brand with a proprietary co-piloted painting system that delivers great results.

Big Art Gogo is on track to grow into a national provider with a digital platform to accommodate more hosts and train licensed coaches to lead team building events in regions. 

From the launch in 2019, we have learned that just about everyone loves the whole experience of Big Art Gogo! From the joy of doing something remarkable with friends and coworkers to the take home thrill of a BIG canvas.

Get ready to say,  " I painted that!"

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