This a great option for a minimalist  modern architectural interior in any color scheme.  LEVEL MODERATE

Abstract Land or Sea 

This a great option for BIG canvas for your beach house or urban nterior. LEVEL MODERATE

Floating Kinetic Shape

This is a collection of soft shapes arranged into a figure or floral suggestion. The image emerges as you add more shapes. A few well placed lines can complete. LEVEL DIFFICULT 

Big Calligraphy and Motherwell Inspired Marks

 In any color combination this is a winning style in bold impact. Can also be done in quiet colors LEVEL EASY

Muted shapes

A modern minimalist for a neutral  interior in any color scheme.  LEVEL MODERATE

Drip/Drag Abstracts

This is a technique using wet colors and dragging across the surface with a straight edge. LEVEL EASY

Color Blocks/Bands

These can be great boosts of color anywhere and look great on huge canvas in  LEVEL EASY

Soft Color Bars

 A great solution design for soft color combination and subtle style on a white or tinted white background. LEVEL EASY

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