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We offer leadership and know-how to our customers. Our motto is DIYWEH ( Do It Yourself With Expert Help).


Our participants do the painting as we co-pilot each and every canvas with our core knowledge modules and experience so that everyone can succeed. Painters can sign their work and can take it home in just under 4 hours.  


We lead home hosted groups, schools, clubs, community and corporate team events with Big Art Gogo certified coaches who are trained to deliver our outcome-driven program. Coaches are certified in our methodology and can help participants achieve a high quality result. Our coaches receive design level color theory and provide the color palettes our participants love.


Our method is our brand and we deliver it with precision.

Big Art Gogo created a proprietary process for instruction in modern art styles using a customizable module system.  We deconstructed and wrote simple how-to directions on specific design themes so our participants can sample the styles, select a design and create a painting they want to customize. Our color theory and hands on coaching add a layer of sophistication and  finish to work for a range of participants, many, who have never painted anything. We do BIG canvas with interior design quality motives for installations at home.

If you would like to be a coach and run a US region providing Big Art Gogo branded events with on-site delivery or with your own brick and mortar store, please contact us about our Big Art Gogo Brand Licensing Program launching in late  2021. We will be happy to place you on our waiting list. 

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